Canada does not have a platform to help people search if their loved ones have been incarcerated, and although this may be a good way to protect the privacy of inmates, it also makes it hard for their loved ones on the outside to know where these inmates are, and how to help them.

Getting information about a friend or loved one who is probably incarcerated is harder than rocket science. Due to Canada’s Protection of Privacy Act, it is impossible for just anyone to call the police or correctional centre, to find out if their friend or loved one is currently incarcerated.

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While this is often a way to protect the privacy of these individuals, it sometimes makes it hard for them to get help from people outside, who would like to know the situation behind their incarceration, and also find a way to offer them some help or support.

When an inmate is newly locked up, they are allowed to use the phones in the cells. This gives them the opportunity to reach out to their friends and family, tell them where they are, and let them know how to help.

In a number of situations, inmates may not remember the phone number of their loved ones, and in this case, they may not be able to communicate with people outside effectively.

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How To Find An Inmate In Canada – Option 1

To find out if a missing person has been incarcerated, you should send a letter with the person’s name and date of birth to any of the correctional centers in Canada. If the inmate is in another centre, the letter will be forwarded through the prison mail system to the other facility. If your friend or loved one is not incarcerated, the letter will be returned to you unopened.

This is a tricky way to know if a missing person has been incarcerated, and an opportunity to send them your phone number if they’re in a situation that they may have actually needed it. THis process takes time, and is completely dependent on the speed of the postal service in your area.

How to Find Out If Someone Is In Jail in Canada – Option 2

A second possible option to find out if a missing person has been locked up in one of Canada’s correctional facilities is to attempt to schedule a visit. While they may not tell you if your friend is locked up or not, these correctional facilities will be able to help you schedule an in-person or video visitation if your friend is locked up.

On the contrary, they are also obligated to tell you if an inmate cannot receive visits because they are not remanded in their correctional centre. If the inmate is in a different correctional institution, the phone attendant will advise you to call the other institution to schedule your visit.

How To Find Where An Inmate Is Locked Up – Option 3

This option can be quite expensive, but it’s the fastest and most reliable strategy to know if your friend is currently behind bars, and where they are locked up. 

While the Protection of Privacy Act prohibits the disclosure of an inmate’s location or incarceration information, it however allows lawyers to obtain information about their clients in order to help them access legal representation.

Lawyers are quite expensive, and hiring a lawyer to help you take a peek into all the correctional institutions in Canada to see if your loved one is there can be expensive.

On the other hand, hourly-contract lawyers who you can hire for only phone services can help you obtain information about if your friend is locked up, where they are locked up, and when they were incarcerated.

This option is the easiest as the lawyer can get all the required information in just a few hours without being blown off by the officers at the correctional facility.

Why You Should Find An Incarcerated Friend On Time

A high number of ex-inmates often suffer from Post-Incarceration disorders, and this is triggered by a feeling of seclusion which inmates have to endure when they are put behind bars. 

A good way to help them is to send them letters, pictures and money. Reaching out to them will help them look forward to post-incarceration days, and on the other hand, something extra to hope for.

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