How To Visit An Inmate In Prison | All Your Questions Answered

inmate conjugal visits

Visiting an inmate for the first time is one that is filled with mixed feelings of what to wear, what form of identification to present to the guards, what to bring along as a gift, if kids are allowed in, and other random thoughts like that. With all these thoughts popping up in your head […]

How Does Inmate Transfers Work?

inmate jail transfer reclassification

Transferring inmates from one prison to another isn’t as simple as you may think. Inmates are not just placed in any prison facility to serve their sentence, there are due processes that must be followed before an inmate is housed in a prison. This process is known as “Receiving & Orientation” or “Classification” which is […]

Sending Books Letters Photos To An Inmate: What You Must Know

letters to friend in prison

Inmates are probably the most guarded set of people in the world, a tiny loophole in security measures provided by the prison could see hardened and dangerous walking freely on the streets.This is why there is a guide that contains all you need to know about sending items to inmates.  In this guide I’ll be […]

Getting A Degree While Incarcerated In Jail

inmate education degree

I have seen inmates learn various vocations and skills while serving their sentence in prison, but I didn’t think they can also get free education while locked up! Perhaps, you thought so too. However, over the years my perception about this has changed, as I have come across people who believe that inmates can actually […]

Sending A Gift To Someone In Jail | Holiday Package

how to send gift to prison

It’s about that time of the year when I believe you should send your inmate a holiday package at least to spice up their day and show them that you still care no matter the barrier. You might be asking: what is a holiday package? A holiday package (often referred to as a quarterly package) […]

Prison Survival Rules – The Eight Prison Commandments

what should you not do in prison

HOW TO SURVIVE IN PRISON: 8 ETIQUETTE RULES If you’re currently facing a jail term, or you know someone (a family member or friend) who’s in the same predicament and does not have the slightest idea of how they’re going to survive through their time in prison? In this article, I’ll highlight eight most important […]

Prison Dating – Coping With A Loved One In Prison

relationship with an inmate

I’ve heard people say we found love in a hopeless place. While writing this article, it got me thinking; does one of these hopeless places include finding love in prison? Well, there is a chance that you can find love with that person behind bars because you feel they’re still worth a chance. And knowing […]

How To Survive Solitary Confinement While In Prison

prison languages

Being incarcerated in a prison is horrible, but what’s much worse is being in solitary confinement, one which is commonly referred to as prison inside of prison, a place where you are completely shut out of the world and locked up for about 23 hours in a day with the remaining one hour for taking […]

Prison Slang – Prison Vocabulary And Languages You Need To Know

prison languages

If you’re currently serving time in prison, there are slangs you will eventually get used to because they’re the  common means of communication between inmates. A ABORIGINE: (n) This word originally refers to a person, plant, or animal that has been in a country for a long time, however, in prison it is sometimes a […]

Ultimate Guide To Survive In Prison As An Inmate

how to survive in prison mental health

When you’re incarcerated for the first time, it is very difficult to come to terms that you’re no longer free to eat when you like, go out for a walk, go on a date and all that. Instead, you’re filled with the sadness of being locked up in a cell for a very long time. […]